Monday, August 20, 2012


Leon Birthday 3

It's been a busy weekend. Roger participated in the 12x12yvr photomarathon on Saturday. It was a day of 12 film exposures in 12 hours of 12 distinct themes. Tracey and the kids met Roger in Vancouver to help with a few of the themes. Let's just hope they all turn out ok. We'll all be waiting till the evening of the 22nd to find out.

On the home front, there have been some challenges with respect to the kids. Melody in particular is resisting going to sleep. We're all hoping that it's a short phase, but for the last several nights evenings have been tough. Lots of crying and complaining. That same old phrase starts running through my head: "No-one said raising kids was easy". It's less than a week to go for the family trip to Disneyland. After months and months of planning, it's actually coming to fruition in less than 7 days. Roger and Tracey have decided to wait and surprise them. They've told the kids that they're going to Seattle, but in fact will spring on them that they're going on an airplane to Disneyland. Roger's hoping to capture the reaction on video. They're excited enough to go to the PNE every year, now we'll have to wait and see how they'll react to this.

Here are some images that Roger took with his new 70-200VRII lens. It's amazingly sharp.

Leon Birthday 4

Leon Birthday 2

Leon Birthday 1

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